Silvr Lining is a privately held Salesforce Consultancy formed by leading Salesforce consultants and Business analysts who have come together to create a company that understands the client better than no other.


We found that everywhere we worked followed the same rigid corporate framework. Hard and fast capturing of requirements coupled with a locked down list of deliverables that have to be implemented with minimum flexibility. 

Do you know everything you want upfront? Of course not! Having spent over 9 years working in this way and seeing how the customer was left frustrated and unable to truly get what they really wanted, we decided to form Silvr Lining Group, a company born out of the necessity for new ideas and a new process of working. A process where we work hand in hand with our client, ensuring maximum efficiency and output.



We work alongside salesforce to deliver a truly industry leading product and through hard work, professionalism and our unique process, we have been an indispensable part of growth for salesforce.



Consultancy and Implementation Services

Our Cloud Consultants having worked in the Salesforce eco system for over 9 years understand what it is like to work alongside all types of customers, implementing both quick start aswell as global implementations across 90 countries.


Due to this our team of high experienced Consultants, Developers and Administrators are best suited to assist you in your implementation whether its a small kickstart onto the salesforce platform or a large integrated solution bringing the power of multiple tools together.

Managed Services

Silvr Lining Group offers ongoing monitoring and management of your salesforce implementation after it has been completed, Allowing you full and uninterrupted access to a highly skilled technical team to assist with any issues should they arise.


Not only do we support your existing build but we also provide you with monthly build time put aside to have those ideas converted into reality.


Training is the core to ensuring adoption and success of any implementation. Wether you are a SME or a Global Enterprise customer, Silvr Lining can offer you training directly to your staff or through a train the trainer approach. Ensuring that your team know and understand the system they are working with.

We have rolled out salesforce to 90 countries and in doing so have gained extensive experience working with many cultures and providing truly customised training in a way that bests serves each and every employee.

Health Check

We understand that your business changes rapidly and due to this your process changes with it. Therefore we offer Technical, Process and adoption health checks to ensure the increased revenue and productivity of your system.


We produce documentation explaining key areas in which your system can be improved and quotes detailing transparent time and effort to implement. 


CRM World Ranking


Customers Using Salesforce
Productivity Increase



Average Revenue Increase in 1 Year


Average Return of Investment in 1 Year


Service Cloud

No more, "Please wait while i find your information" 

Introducing the Service System

of the future. A smart and intuitive CRM allowing your support team to spend the majority of their time resolving issues instead of logging them.

Marketing Cloud

Create unique cross platform marketing campaigns directly from Salesfore that are accessible across Web, Mobile, Tablet, Social Media and more.


Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud gives your organisation the power to produce and turn over new business faster than ever before, by removing the need to complete simple and receptive tasks through the use of its award winning CRM system and seamless automation. Allowing your sales team to focus on selling and ensuring that your pipeline is never empty.

Community Cloud

Collaborate, Discuss and get access to Experts directly in your own branded community. Salesforce Community cloud allows you to create feature rich and exquisite looking web community, bringing both your customers and support teams together.

Analytics Cloud

Want to work smarter than your competitors? What to have access to your data from anywhere? Want to instantly be able to see real to date information on the go?

Meet Analytics Cloud, also know as Wave Analytics. Wave allows you to drive down on reports and see a visual representation of up to date live information from anywhere.

Salesforce Einstein

How would you like to be told what one of your products is in high demand?

Maybe you would like to act on this and place on the front page of your website?

Well with Salesforce Einstein this is all possible and whats better, it requires no user interaction!




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Head Office

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To apply for a job with Silvr Lining Group, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@silvrlininggroup.com

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