Work from home, it will be great they said!!!!

We are in an unprecedented time and collectively witnessing something that none of us have seen before, but in the worst times, often come's the best of humanity.

We saw the country stand together to show appreciation for all our health workers that through this epidemic continue to show up to work and fight;

One of the sad common occurrences i noticed whilst working from home was the amount of people writing on local facebook groups asking for help to get shopping, pick up prescriptions or get their elderly relatives to medical appointments where they was unable to. The issue is not everyone has facebook and more to the point, they are not members of these closed off private residential groups, meaning these requests were not reaching the people that was able to help. So just like a budget version batman, and having put on a few pounds from the "work from home comfort eating" i put on my outfit and hit the streets.

Firstly visting the local taxi firms and black cab drivers based at the station, these guys and girls were now resembling Julian Assange and had not seen the light of day due to the shere lack of work resulting in them not leaving the station. I explained the issues i was having and asked if they was up for helping. They was overly helpful and agreed to help transport local residents who was in need to medical appointments and to the shops when needed for free. How great is that! This batman now has a team!!!

As if i had scripted it myself soon came the question "How do we find out who needs help?" Pssssh already thought of that guys.

Introducing Silvr Linings Portal;

We have created a portal where local residents can sign up and request help. Wether its having your shopping picked up, arranging a lifts to a local medical appointments or asking a residents that is going to collect a prescriptions wether they can grab yours get the idea.

It is a free service that we setup to help the local residents however i see this week it is reaching further a field so thought it may be worth sharing with the wider community. Wether you need help or can provide help feel free to sign up. Together we will get through this.

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